The mission of the Quarter-Century Society is to help our members through rough times, providing financial assistance when an emergency or misfortune results in financial distress.

Do you, or a Quarter-Century Society member that you know need help? Your brief e-mail could make a difference in someone's life. 

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What can be covered by a Quarter-Century Society Grant?
Medical Symbol Medical or Dental not covered by private insurance or Medicare.

Flood Symbol  

Damage or loss of a residence that is not covered by insurance.

Utility Symbol  

Unexpected expenses for critical household needs such as utility bills, groceries and clothing.

Funeral Dove  

Funeral expenses for a member or member’s dependents. 
The needs listed here are provided as examples. If you are not sure if a particular need meets the eligibility requirements for a grant, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Send an e-mail, describing your basic needs, to QCENTURY1923@GMAIL.COM​. You do not need to belong to a chapter to be eligible for benefits.
The Society is a private, non-profit corporation, not a part of International Paper. Those who completed at least 25 years of full-time employment with the company are automatically members.   

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