How To Start A Chapter

Starting a chapter and managing it is easy. All you need is a core of ten people, a governing committee consisting of at least three to administer the program, and the desire to help.

The Society and the Executive Director help by providing initial funding and identifying potential members. All chapters are accountable to the Society for their administration, operations and disbursement of funds, as well as providing regular financial reports. Aside from providing moral support, facility management involvement with chapter activities while appreciated, is minimal.

Setting Up a Quarter-Century Chapter

  1. Start with the desire on the part of local management to help Quarter-Century members in financial need. Eligible members will have completed 25 years of service with International Paper, its acquired companies, or a qualified subsidiary.
  2. Requires a minimum membership of ten people.
  3. Requires a core of people interested in starting the chapter, and serving on the Governing Committee. They may be active or retired employees. The Governing Committee is elected by the membership.
  4. Conduct meetings with the Mill Manager, the Lead Team, the Governing Committee, the Society's Executive Director and the area recruiting Board member, to provide ground rules for the support, direction and approval for starting a chapter.
  5. Develop basic information, including the chapter name, by-laws, and establish checking and savings accounts in an area bank. The funds and by-law language are provided by the Society.
  6. Determine how the Governing Committee will identify those members in need, and how requests for financial aid will be administered.
  7. Identify the list of potential members, active and retired, which is a joint activity of the local facility and the Society using Human Resource and IP's retirement data. Develop a list of people interested in serving on committees.
  8. Communicate with eligible members through house organs, local news, word of mouth and individually mailed postcards.
  9. Plan a general membership meeting to describe the Society, its history, goals and accomplishments. Management will provide an update on Company and facility news, and provide reinforcement for the initiative.
  10. Establish an annual company paid meeting for members, with refreshments, to provide recognition and goodwill, updates on the company, and allow members to learn about Society contributions.

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